Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday WebOSQuickInstall and fileCoaster

Happy Birthday WebOSQuickInstall and fileCoaster: "

What a wild year it's been! Almost hard to believe that on July 25th, 2009, the world was first introduced to WebOS Quick Install and fileCoaster. Those two programs would end up playing a pivotal role in the homebrew community and to some degree, both exist to this day.

A year ago today, the PreCentral forums were welcomed by two new ways to install homebrew applications: WebOS Quick Install and fileCoaster. Regardless of your opinions on them, at the time, they completely changed how peopled viewed the homebrew world. They made homebrew into something that the average user could use, fostering the modern hombrew movement.

Lots has changed since then, but for most of us in the webOS community, these two programs hold a special place in our hearts.  These were the installers we used when the App Catalog was smaller than our PreCentral Homebrew Gallery.  Since their first public release, there's been countless new apps, several other installers (notably Preware and Preload) and we've witnessed the birth of a strong webOS homebrew community. Almost difficult to believe it's been a whole year already.

WebOS Quick Install and fileCoaster may not be nearly as popular as they used to be, but today, let's take a moment today and celebrate the 1-year anniversary of their release. Cheers!


Internalz 1.2 brings Master Mode, an Ipk Installer, a Patcher, and much more!

Internalz 1.2 brings Master Mode, an Ipk Installer, a Patcher, and much more!: "

Just in time for WebOSQuickInstall's birthday, the day is finally here:  Internalz v1.2.0 and FileMgr v1.1.0 are available for public download! The above video is a quick tour of all the changes and you'll want to watch it to the very end.   Among the long list of changes posted in Internalz's forum thread, v1.2 most notably brings "Master Mode", a built-in Ipk Installer, and a built-in Patcher.

Internalz, for those who have yet to try it, is "the first and best file manager for the webOS".  You can create, edit, rename, move, copy and delete virtually any file or directory on your device. Not only that, but Internalz features a built-in image viewer and built-in text editor.

Not sure what "Master Mode" is? Well, put simply, it removes all restrictions in Internalz. Normally, you aren't allowed to edit, move, or delete files outside of the USB Mode section or /var.  With "Master Mode" enabled, the sky's the limit. However, this means uniformed users could accidentally destroy their system, which is why the feature is disabled by default.

And what's this Ipk Installer you keep hearing about?  The Ipk Packager is able to open .ipk files, letting you install or uninstall it. Better yet, it scans the .ipk file, displaying package information, so you know what you're installing. And since Internalz registers itself as the default .ipk handler (among other file extensions), you can simply tap a .ipk link in the browser and it'll open in Internalz.

Lastly there's the Patcher. It lets you install or uninstall .patch files, similar to WebOSQuickInstall. Since the Patcher is an extension of the Text Editor, you're able to view and edit the patch file too!

So if you haven't tried Internalz yet, now's your chance. As the slogan says, "Control your device, don't let your device control you."


Six ways to get your webOS phone working again

Six ways to get your webOS phone working again: "

Palm PreIs your phone all seized up? Again? Palm’s got some tips to get things back into working order, and it’s the stuff of legends. Well, it’s more the stuff that tech support would tell you to try first, so you can get this out of the way before placing that always-frustrating call. Here’s what Palm suggests, with our own commentary interspersed. The 6Ts:

  • Throw all open applications off the top of the screen - this will dump your running programs and help clear your RAM of hogs.
  • Turn your phone completely off and on - reset your network connection by doing this and help clear up any snafus.
  • Triple-toggle restart - toggle the ringer switch back-and-forth three times while holding down the power switch to force a restart.
  • Top off the battery - just let it juice up.
  • Take out the battery - the ultimate forceable restart: pull the plug.
  • Tether your phone to your computer and reinstall webOS - as a last resort, reinstall the OS and start over. The nuclear option, if you will.

Of course, those aren’t the only options, but they’re the Palm-supported ones. For more sub-nuclear options, be sure to check out our own How To: Restore a seriously ill Pre guide.

Source: Palm Support, thanks to HardBeatZ for the heads up.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The DeLorean Arrives Today

The DeLorean Arrives Today: "

It's a Hoax!

25 years ago, today, Marty McFly pushed a button that would forever change the flow of time. If you are a classic movie fan, then you have probably heard of (and seen) the movie ‘Back to the Future’. Today, my friend, we see the future that Marty beheld in his travels, and marvel at the advancements of technology that have brought us thus far….

Wait a second. I don’t see any flying cars, a Mega Cities or any of the other awesome things that were shown in the film. But I suppose that could be because Marty then went into the past and flubbed things up. Now we’re dumber than we are supposed to be.

Thanks, Marty.