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It Starts: HP Releases Printers That Print from Smartphones

It Starts: HP Releases Printers That Print from Smartphones: "

You’ve read our article about how HP intends to pioneer internet printing? Well this is just the start of it: HP has just released their first web-connected printer (the e-All-in-One D110a) with ePrint technology, which allows you to print from pretty much any wireless device, including smartphones. How does it work? Simple, really. Your printer has its own email address. You send it an attachment (documents, PDFs, image files, etc.), and it prints it! Pretty sweet, eh? Just send Grandma’s printer an email of your child and you’ve got yourself one happy Granny (as long as she’s stocked up on a lot of ink!).

[Read the details at Engadget or HP's product site. Cool stuff.]


Friday, June 25, 2010

HP Senior Exec to webOS Fans: “Hey Stop Worrying!”

HP Senior Exec to webOS Fans: “Hey Stop Worrying!”: "

"Hey! Stop Worrying!"

WebOS fans! Is crossing the webOS desert getting you down? We’ve got some good news for ya. Ever heard of a guy named Rahul Sood? He used to be CEO of VoodooPC and is now the CTO for HP’s Global Gaming and Advanced Computing division. In his personal blog dated June 18th, he directly addresses folks who are worried about the fate of webOS. His tone is reassuring, and his enthusiasm for webOS is palpable. Being that today’s the shareholder vote on the HP-Palm deal we think you guys will feel warmer and fuzzier inside after reading it. Check it out, after the break.

“Hey stop worrying…

This message goes out to all fans of Web OS. Stop worrying and speculating. When the deal closes I’m sure you’ll hear about lots of great things from HP, until then just know this… We all absolutely love it, we love using Web OS. It’s simply fantastic. Instead of worrying you should think about developing Apps on it as soon as possible.

This is pretty reassuring stuff, seeing as how Mr. Sood had first-hand experience with his company being acquired by HP in 2006. It’s also a bit interesting that his final quote is to the effect of “now go forth and develop apps.” Apparently he’s speaking not just everyday fans, but developers who are sounding the death knell for webOS. We don’t know about you guys, but whenever we’re feeling down, we’re gonna bust this quote out and read it. Heck, we just might curl up with it every night.

(One last thing though, Mr. Sood. If we may be so bold, the proper way of writing “Web OS” is actually webOS. And could you please ask Mr. Hurd to stop saying “the webOS?” Thanks! And thanks for the reassurances. Some of us did need them.)

[Source: Rahul Sood's personal blog via BSN]


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Introducing PreCentral's "Tip of the Day"

Introducing PreCentral's "Tip of the Day": "

Tip of the Day

We are happy to announce that PreCentral's “Tip of the Day” feature. We know that there is already a whole PDF file in the Precentral forums with over 300 tips, but have found that most webOS owners either don’t know about those or don’t have the time to read through them all. With so many forum postings asking about how to do some pretty basic functions within webOS (e.g. copy/paste, save picture from web), it got us thinking…why not create a “Tip of the Day” that doesn’t require a big commitment!?

You can find it here: http://www.precentral.net/tips. Obviously we're just getting started, so there are plenty more to come. Want to suggest a tip? Great: hit us up on our contact form and select "Suggest a tip."

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Save Money on Windows and Office with a TechNet Standard Subscription [Deals]

Save Money on Windows and Office with a TechNet Standard Subscription [Deals]: "
If you're planning on buying or upgrading more than one Microsoft product in a year's time, consider a TechNet Standard subscription. For $200, you get, essentially, 100 installations of Windows, Office, and other Microsoft apps. More »

Microsoft - Microsoft TechNet - Microsoft Windows - Operating Systems - Office


Use GOOG-411 and Skype to Call Any U.S. or Canadian Business for Free [Free]

Use GOOG-411 and Skype to Call Any U.S. or Canadian Business for Free [Free]: "
Skype calls toll-free numbers in the U.S. or Canada for free. Google's GOOG-411 directory service is a toll-free number, and can connect you to any searchable business. Combine the two, and any business is accessible for free, from anywhere in the world. More »

Google - GOOG-411 - Canada - Business - Telecommunications


Friday, June 18, 2010

Pre vs Evo: an epic breakdown

Pre vs Evo: an epic breakdown: "

Friends of the site Craig Froehle and Don Ferguson have gone ahead and put together what can only be described as an epically comprehensive analysis of the EVO 4G from the eyes of webOS users (and, yes, perhaps converts). It was a toss up, but we published it up at sister-site AndroidCentral

If there's an EVO vs Pre question that isn't answered in this article, it probably involves which would be better at repelling alien assaults. Comprehensive, then, is what we're calling it. If you're interested, grab a tall six pack of your favorite beverage, plan a few bathroom breaks, and prepare to get straight-up educated on the nuances between webOS and Android with Sense.

 EVO 4G vs Palm PreThanks Craig and Don!


Almost every single webOS app is half-price! Update: through July 9th

Almost every single webOS app is half-price! Update: through July 9th: "

 50% off app sale

As we heard yesterday, Palm is running a new promotion:  (nearly) all webOS apps are now half-off - a quick perusal of the App Catalog shows all sorts of $0.50 apps and even 3D PDK Games are half-off. By our rough accounting, developers get double benefits from this promotion: increased sales and their share of the revenue will be treated as though their apps were full price.

In other words, if you've been waiting to purchase an app, now is the time. Get some great apps on the cheap and send some love to your favorite webOS developers.

What apps are you going to pick up?

Thanks to coolguyslim for the heads up!

Update: Palm lets us know that the "Half Time" promo ends on July 9th and that there are "a handful of exceptions" - so we'll add an "Almost" proviso to the title. Proviso #2: US only, folks, sorry citizens of the world. Lastly, developers should be pleased to hear that for the purposes of the Hot Apps program, these sales will be counted at full price, per Palm's dev forum - developers see the full FAQ here.


Logitech Revue gets official: Google TV companion box coming this Fall

Logitech Revue gets official: Google TV companion box coming this Fall: "

Well, lookie here -- Logitech's Revue is official, and it's coming this Fall to make your HDTV even smarter. We knew from day one that Logi had been tapped to produce one of the first Google TV set-top boxes ever, and details on the little guy have been trickling out ever since. Described as a 'Google TV companion box,' the device is expected to 'combine everything on the web, cable and satellite [with] apps, video calling and more.' We're told to be patient for specs and further deets, so we suppose we'll do just that. While pouting.

[Thanks, Tom]

Logitech Revue gets official: Google TV companion box coming this Fall originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 18 Jun 2010 14:11:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Google Apps highlights – 6/18/2010

Google Apps highlights – 6/18/2010: "This is part of a regular series of Google Apps updates that we post every couple of weeks. Look for the label “Google Apps highlights' and subscribe to the series. - Ed.

Over the last couple of weeks we introduced several new features to Google Docs, and made updates to Gmail, Buzz and Blogger. The Google Apps Marketplace expanded, and we brought many new businesses and schools onboard. Here’s the scoop:

New Google Docs editors rolling out to everyone
Just a couple months ago we started previewing Google Docs’ new editors for documents and spreadsheets, and on Monday we began turning on these faster, more feature-rich editors for everyone. In new documents, you’ll see character-by-character real-time collaboration, a ruler for custom margins and tab stops, and the files you import from your computer will be much higher quality. The new version of spreadsheets is faster, and includes a formula editing bar, cell auto-complete and much more. If your university, employer or organization provides you with a Google Docs account, you’ll start seeing the new editors by default in the coming weeks, too.

New sharing settings in Google Docs
Just yesterday we launched a streamlined way to share your files more easily in Google Docs. You can set a document, spreadsheet, presentation or drawing to be “Private,” available to “Anyone with the link,” or “Public on the web,” and then customize who has access by inviting specific collaborators. If you’re using Google Docs at work or at school, you’ll also see options that make it easy to share your files just with other people within your organization. Learn more about the new sharing options on the Google Docs blog.

New features for drawings in Google Docs
We introduced several new features for the drawings editor in Google Docs, too. Now you can center objects on the page, resize your entire canvas, view thumbnails of your drawings in your doc list, search across your drawings by text contained within and quickly view a list of handy editing keyboard shortcuts. We also added the ability for you to share drawings in the Google Docs template gallery, so other people around the world can use your creations.

Blogger Template Designer available to all
Back in March we introduced Blogger Template Designer in Blogger in Draft, and last week we made it available to everyone. You can choose from more than 19 stock templates and further customize your design with hundreds of free, professional background images, custom color schemes and pixel-perfect layout manipulation. Customizing your blog and making it “your own” is now much easier.

Google Maps previews in Gmail and Buzz
Last week, we added a new Labs feature in Gmail that automatically displays a Google Map below messages that contain street addresses—saving you the trouble of copying and pasting of addresses from Gmail to Google Maps. You can enable this feature and many others from the Labs tab under Gmail Settings. Google Buzz also integrates Google Maps now too; when your buzz includes a Google Maps link, you’ll automatically see an image of the map that you can choose to include in your post.

Apps Marketplace
For the businesses, schools and organizations using Google Apps, cloud-based functionality continues to expand through the Google Apps Marketplace. There, developers around the world can offer business- and process-enhancing apps that seamlessly integrate with Google Apps. The Marketplace has everything from accounting applications and CRM solutions to marketing automation and project workflow tools. Last week we added five new applications, and this Tuesday we tacked on over a dozen more.

Who’s gone Google?
We’re thrilled to welcome Brady Corporation, a globally distributed safety and security products company with more than 7,000 employees and 90 globally distributed business locations, to Google Apps. Cost savings were a factor in the decision, but Brady’s IT team chose Google Apps to simplify their worldwide IT operations, to streamline the integration of future acquisitions and to offer employees advanced sharing features like real-time collaboration.

In addition to the big guys, tens of thousands more small and medium size businesses have also gone Google since our last update, including Hiatus Spa + Retreat, Goble & Associates and M├ętodo DeRose Matosinhos. Welcome!

And school’s out for summer, but many colleges and universities are using the quiet months to reinvigorate their student technology. Sonoma State University, Meharry Medical College, Tokyo Keizai University (translated), Santa Fe Community College, Great Basin College and Colby College are all going Google.

Whether your company or school has already gone Google or if you’re just starting to contemplate the move, tune into our live webcast next Tuesday, June 22 at 9:00 am PDT to hear more about the improvements and new features we’ve added to Google Apps during the first half of 2010.

For more details and updates from the Apps team, head on over to the Google Apps Blog.

Posted by Jeremy Milo, Google Apps Marketing Manager


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